Linthorpe Road’s Good Samaritan Project brings friendship to the lonely

The Linthorpe Road Methodist Church and Resource Centre works for the wellbeing of all in its community, particularly caring and supporting the most vulnerable and isolated.

Apart from its lively worshipping community and church, the building houses a community café and rooms that are rented to local businesses, community support and church groups, and for private meetings and events.

Connecting with those in need

Methodist Insurance Fund made a grant towards Linthorpe Road’s Good Samaritan Project in 2019. The project is simple but effective. 
Its purpose is to provide meaningful and welcoming support to people who may feel disconnected, isolated, lonely or left behind in a fast-changing world. With a range of regular activities for older and isolated people, the programme offers welcome and support to all those who wish to come along. 

Providing a safe space where friendships can develop

A regular lunch club brings people together to share a meal and good company and provides a space for friendships to develop. Games afternoons for older people, particularly those who live with disabilities or dementia, help to exercise the brain and body and improve wellbeing. 
Friendship and togetherness in a calm, safe setting is at the heart of the Good Samaritan Project, and the welcome is open to everyone to ‘come as you are’. 
Through the work of its Good Samaritan Project and volunteers, the church is helping many isolated people in its community to forge friendships. They can access support networks; share experiences and activities; and find joy with others. 
Paul Playford, Grants Officer for the Methodist Insurance Fund, said: “The Good Samaritan Project is simple, effective and filled with the care and kindness of this church and its congregation. It is a wonderful expression of the Good Samaritan story and we are delighted to support the Linthorpe Road Methodist Church and Resource Centre to reduce loneliness and isolation in Middlesbrough.”