Specialist policies from Methodist Insurance

We have many years of experience insuring charities, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations. We understand each one has individual requirements, so our policy is flexible to provide the cover you need. We aim to give you the peace of mind to focus on the great work you do.

Helping you choose the right cover

Our specialists will take the time to talk through the various covers and how they might apply to your organisation. You can then choose from a range of options, only paying for the cover you require.

Charity insurance product highlights

Charity insurance can include the following:

  • Public liability
    Standard limit of £5million, higher limits may be available upon request.
  • Employers' liability
    To protect against liability claims from your employees and volunteers.
  • Charity trustee insurance
    £100,000 of personal liability insurance for trustees, officers, employees or voluntary workers with higher limits available.
  • Professional indemnity cover
    Cover for errors or wrongful acts in the provision of professional services or the giving of advice.
  • Property
    Protection for your premises, contents and stock against damage from causes including fire, explosion, storm, flood, falling trees, vandalism, escape of water, vehicle impact and theft.
  • Contents away from the premises
    Cover can also be extended for contents that are taken away from the premises.
  • Business interruption
    Covers loss of income following an insured event under the property damage section, plus income lost due to the failure of public utilities, the discovery of vermin or pests, a specified disease, food poisoning, murder or suicide.
  • Legal expenses
    Legal fees, compensation awards or appeal costs arising from a wide range of legal disputes.
  • Money and assault
    Cover for business money that is lost or stolen from your premises, your home, an employee’s home or whilst in transit. Cover for you, your employees or volunteers if you suffer an assault during a theft of money.

Other optional covers include equipment breakdown, fidelity, goods in transit and personal accident. Please read our Charity Shield policy wording for full benefits and exclusions of the policy.


Charity Shield has been designed to meet the insurance needs of charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations operating in the UK. It offers a wide range of cover and incorporates a number of features not normally found in a standard business policy, e.g. charity trustee insurance, bequeathed property, death of a patron, authorised volunteers.

No, the policy is very flexible and allows you to tailor the cover provided to your particular needs, although the public liability section is compulsory..

The organiser or the organising committee or council may be responsible for any injuries or damage to property caused by the group's activities. It is prudent to arrange insurance to cover these liabilities.

Charity insurance can also cover valuable equipment and other property against loss or damage, or subscriptions and other money, which it may wish to insure against loss.

Yes, ask the team for more information or read our food safety guidance.

Yes, the Charity Shield policy will provide cover for your legal liability for accidental loss or damage to property hired by you at which you are carrying on your activities.

The public liability section of the Charity Shield policy automatically covers this.

Employers’ liability for charities indemnifies against your legal liability to pay damages and legal costs arising out an injury to an employee, including authorised volunteers, caused during the period of insurance.

Yes, subject to the existence of appropriate controls, cover can be provided for loss money or goods belonging to the charity caused by an act of fraud or dishonesty by any employee or authorised volunteer, including by employees or authorised volunteers acting in collusion.

The public and product liability sections of the policy provide cover if authorised volunteers cause injury to members of the public, or damage to their property, whilst carrying out the activities of the group. 

The organiser/organising committee or council may be legally liable for injury to or illness of authorised volunteers, which arises as a result of their participation in the group’s activities, similar to the liability they would have for employees.

If the group have any employees or authorised volunteers the Charity Shield policy can be tailored to include employers’ liability insurance. Employers’ liability insurance, where it applies, is required by law.