Fundraising event ideas for spring and summer

27 April 2022

Events are a great way for your church to reach out to the community, bring people together and raise important funds.

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As the weather gets warmer and days get longer, there are many opportunities for fantastic fundraising events in spring and summer. 

We’ve curated the list below to give your church some ideas and inspiration.  

Firstly, here are some top tips to help you plan your event and make sure all fundraising opportunities are maximised.

Top tips for planning a fundraising event

Think about the people in your community and what type of event would appeal to them. Keeping it simple is often best as organising an event can be time- consuming. Quality is also often better than quantity – so focus on running just one or two events well. The list of ideas below can help provide some inspiration.
The public carries less cash than ever. According to the Bank of England1, debit cards overtook cash as the most frequently used payment method in the UK back in 2017. So for your event, consider how people may be able to give with a card or via an online donations page. 
There are a variety of providers available and it’s important to do the research to find the best one for your church. Charity digital has collated a helpful list of the top online fundraising platforms.
Always check regulations and rules around your fundraising and events, especially running a raffle or lottery. More guidance can be found at the fundraising regulator.
Take care to ensure your plans are risk assessed and everyone involved is safe and equipment is used correctly. Check out our health and safety guide  for key tips and guidance.
Publicise your event using all routes possible including emails, newsletters, posters, local press, community groups and social media. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising and reach a wider audience, especially if you include pictures.
Following up after an event is important to make attendees feel more connected to your church and reinforce your fundraising message. Make sure to thank everyone who came and let them know where their donations will be going. You could also send out pictures or videos to remind people of the great time they had! 

Spring and summer fundraising ideas


Choose a route and encourage members of your community to take part and gain sponsorship. People could walk in their own time or together on the event day. You could even team up with other local churches to create a route between your buildings. Selling refreshments and snacks at the end of the walk is another great way to raise funds.

Music or craft festival

Could you organise a family friendly day festival in your church? Ask local music acts to perform and invite your whole community to come and watch. If there are any keen crafts people in your church, could they run a crafting stall or workshop? Tickets to the event can be sold beforehand.

Summer BBQ

It’s a classic summer event for a reason – bringing together your community with a BBQ is a tried and tested fundraising method. You could ask your local butcher to donate sausages and burgers in exchange for some free advertising.

Treasure hunt

Kids and big-kids alike will enjoy this fundraising activity. Ask for a small entry fee to take part, and hide clues and prizes in and around your church building. You could include some interesting facts about your church so people learn something new whilst taking part. Reach out to local businesses to see if they would be willing to donate prizes.

Dog show

If your church has access to some green space, a charitable dog show can be a fun way to raise funds.  Encourage people to enter their canine companions – you could include novelty categories such as ‘Best Tail Wag’ and ‘Most Handsome Dog’.

Go-kart competition

Bring out your communities’ competitive streak with a go-kart competition! Encourage people to enter teams and build their own home made go-kart. You can offer a prize for the best and weirdest go-kart creations. Make sure to share photos on social media afterwards.

Holiday swap-shop

As people prepare for their summer holidays, your church could hold a swap-shop. Books, clothes, luggage or even travel adaptors – ask people to bring in items they no longer want to swap with new ones. Either ask for a donation on entry or for any items taken.

Flower or plant competition

If there are any green-fingered members of your church, they may love a gardening competition. You could challenge people to grow the best of a particular plant variety. With an entry fee to take part, this is a quick and simple fundraising idea. Give people a deadline to grow their plant then bring all the entries together for a judging competition.

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