Poppleton Methodist Church

Methodist Grants programme funding has helped launch a new project in the small village of Poppleton near York.

Amount awarded: £25,000 
Poppleton Methodist Church is about to receive a new and exciting multi-functional community space transformation. The renovation, which includes a new self-contained hall, multiple meeting rooms, converted garden space and community café, will enable both the church and its surrounding buildings to increase footfall, offer accommodation to more user groups and improve opportunities for hospitality and community engagement.
With an annual attendance of approximately 18,000 and around 19 regular groups, the church facilities are usually booked to capacity which means it often has to turn down additional room requests. Poppleton Methodist Church is therefore confident that the project will help transform the church into an attractive and operational community resource.
Local charity groups, such as ‘Dementia Forward’, are keen to take advantage of the new facilities having previously been unable to find suitable premises in Poppleton. Plus there is excitement amongst residents wishing to make the most of the new hospitality amenities. 
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