Swinton St John’s Methodist Church, South Yorkshire

Feel free to come again

Every Monday night, the Freedom Project in Swinton St John’s Methodist Church brings together people who want to learn a new skill or get advice with members from the church who can help them. Everyone sits down for a meal first, before splitting into separate groups to enjoy particular activities like easy sewing, a tech café or a Bible study group. 

Now over 70 people come along each week, and over half the visitors are not from the church community.  

“Some of our guests are well off, some are from homeless projects, some are Mums, some are elderly. It’s great to have such a huge range because we don’t normally find that in church.” 

It’s all based on whatever we think the community needs at the time. People tell us what they need and we see if we can make it happen.

Karen Beecham, member of the congregation.