A helping hand indeed

Charity shop

To raise funds for its vital work, Hyde & Denton Circuit decided to open a charity shop on Hyde high street in Greater Manchester. Stock is donated by church members and the community, and the shop sells everything from clothing to books and small electrical goods.

One major part of Helping Hand’s philosophy is that every item should be low-cost. The shop enables young families to come and buy baby clothes for as little as 30p an item, providing much-needed support to people on low incomes.

Helping Hand also helps give people the chance to learn new skills and experience in the retail environment. From young people starting on their career through to people living with disabilities, Helping Hand has trained over 70 people so far.

With the trainees, volunteers and shoppers, there’s always a vibrant atmosphere at Helping Hand, and the shop has become a cornerstone of the community. People enjoy coming along to support the church, even if they are not churchgoers themselves.

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