Shed your worries

A skills workshop

‘Men’s Sheds’ is a unique initiative in Australia that gives bereaved and unemployed men the chance to come together and use their practical skills to make and mend. 

Littlebeck Methodist Church in Yorkshire decided to try something similar. The church opened up its schoolroom at the back of the church and invited men to come along and put their hands to any tasks that needed doing.  

From making bird boxes to lathe turning walking sticks, from woodwork to metalwork, the men are now busy every week making, fixing and mending. There’s no pressure, just plenty of camaraderie and friendship.  

The group is getting known up and down the valley and the community is much more aware of the church presence and mission. The famous coast-to-coast path goes right past the chapel, and if walkers come past on a Tuesday or a Thursday they will see the men hard at work.   

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